The Golden Ticket

Feeling lucky?

Good! Before you surf to an online gambling website... It's probably a smarter idea to buy a box of our candy bars.

Every batch of 800 boxes contains 1 golden ticket. That's a 0,13% chance to win*.

Now, if that's your win rate in League of Legends, you should seriously considering getting another hobby. OR getting yourself one of our boxes.

Because winning a golden ticket will give you:

  • 1 hour of coaching from a pro e-sports team 
  • 3 boxes of candy bars
  • 1 BearEatsBar mouse mat 

What if you win? Congratulations! Instructions on how to claim your prices can be found at the back of the golden ticket. Non-gamers, scroll down.**

What if you don't win? Also congratulations! Because your box of 12 epic candy bars will bring you the DUB in this game called snacking. 


*The more boxes you buy, the more chance to win this golden ticket. And yes, buying 800 boxes at once will get you there too - Pay to win, all the way.

**If you're not a gamer and you won... This is the best gift ever for your gaming buddy. #SharingIsCaring


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