About us

Let's be honest, you've never heard of us. That's okay. We're only in the game since April 2021. The business game, that is.

Because the esports & healthy snacking game is one we've mastered over the last decade. Vinny (NapalmBear) was born with a controller in his hand. And his wifey Fien (EveryBodyHappy) is either snacking, thinking about snacking or talking about snacking. A match made in heaven, you can tell.

We all know you don't want to pause your game to prepare some food. You'd rather just grab a ready-to-eat snack and enjoy it in front of your screen. We get it. So why not create a snack bar that is an easy, healthy AND tasty option? And that, my friend, is how BearEatsBar came alive. Raising the bar, one game at a time.

 The dream

It's our dream to create a positive gaming community, that stimulates physical and mental health.


The team



  • Introvert 
  • Boardgame lover (nobody beats me at scrabble, just saying)
  • Puzzle & escape game enthusiast
  • Crossword/Crypto(gram) fanatic 
  • X-box / Gameboy type of player
  • Competitive (sore loser)
  • Problem-solving spirit
  • Food lover
  • I consider myself funny (mostly unintentionally)



Gamertag: Napalm Bear
I'm an army veteran who loves Gaming, fitness & Extreme sports.
As an avid ambassador of mental & physical health I want to help people become the best possible version of theirselves IRL & Online.
For more info: @vinny_bear | @Napalm_bear

Favo games: League Of Legends, World of Warcraft & COD WZ
LOL: Plat ranked climbing to Diamond
WOW: Gladiator(PVP player)
COD WZ: I'm a noob xD

Our values

The 5 keywords and core principles we live by:


  • Family

We may play different games, yet we're one family of gamers.  


  • Collaboration and chances 

Creating (the same) chances for everyone. Competitive in the game; collaborative in business and life. 


  • Health

A healthy person has a 1000 wishes, a sick person only 1. We have a clear focus on physical and mental health. Because without health, we're nothing.


  • Quality

We can't promote health and then deliver sh*tty products. Raising the bar with high-quality products we use ourselves.


  • Humor
Not taking ourselves too seriously. Life is hard enough as it is, let's make it fun.